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Louis Vuitton: Spring and Summer Collection

Written by James Rengo, 6 years ago, 0 Comments

Louis Vuitton’s spring and summer collection comes with a few sneaker boots that have that stylish yet laid back look to them. I chose a few that I considered the best from the collection; but be warned, if you like them they are going to set you back a pretty penny.

The Kilimanjaro Sneaker in comes in calf suede. This mix of a sneaker/boot has a monogrammed embossed leather with tassel laces that are embellished with LV initials and a rubber Louis Vuitton label on the tongue. They come in kaki and noir and retail for $920.

1 LV Kilimanjaro Sneaker 2 small Louis Vuitton: Spring and Summer Collection

The Dragonfly sneaker is made of calf suede and is a mix of a sneaker and desert boot. This monogrammed sneaker features a folded cuff and tassel laces and retails for $630.

4 LV dragonfly small 2 punchy Louis Vuitton: Spring and Summer Collection

If you are looking to add a rock and roll vibe to your wardrobe then the Punchy Sneaker boot in matte calf leather is the way to roll. This sneaker comes with a patchwork of tiny gold studs all over the toe area, as well as on the large LV initials on the side.  More than 1000 studs are used to make a single pair of sneakers. Punchy comes in Noir and Blanc at a price of $720.00.

The Brea Sneaker boot is a sophisticated sneaker in iridescent calf leather and features a double hi-top folded down to reveal LV’s monogram. This kick is priced at $675.

3 LV Brea small1 Louis Vuitton: Spring and Summer Collection

Grab a pair today at louisvuitton.com.

What pair do you like the best?

Would you be willing to drop that kind of money for a pair shown?