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Converse Customization:
This Time, It’s Personal

Written by SneakerTalk Staff, 6 years ago, 0 Comments

converse Converse Customization: This Time, Its Personal

When you read Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars high-top sneakers, what image do you get? For me, it’s white laces on black. They have an “everyday” feel to them. Classic and timeless. In fact, in five years, the shoes will celebrate their centennial.

Over the decades, this sneaker has transformed from a basketball player’s shoe of choice to a cultural icon, adopted by any subculture that wanted to stand apart yet be seen.

Living in the age of “social” means personalizing our online experience and, by extension, how we represent ourselves. For a while now, Converse has been letting you customize to your heart’s delight on its website. Tons of people have their own takes on what the All-Stars can be. Crossover Concept Store out of Malaysia has its own Gorillaz-inspired version that I have to say is pretty inspired.

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