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Jeremy Scott:
Two Words That Confuse Me

Written by SneakerTalk Staff, 6 years ago, 0 Comments

 Jeremy Scott: Two Words That Confuse Me

Jeremy Scott has not always had luck with his shoe designs. There was that whole snafu with the “shackle” sneakers that Rev. Jesse Jackson has called “offensive, appalling and insensitive,” which were pulled from production before hitting the shelves.

Scott says that he draws inspiration from childhood references, as evidenced most clearly with his Bart Simpson and Rainbow Brite collection complete with day-glo chaps (because what isn’t complete without day-glo chaps?!).

But back to sneakers. Despite controversy, Scott has managed to get some shoes to market, most notably his Butterfly Wedges, which are currently featured on the Adidas Facebook page, and yes, this does mean that we have talked about sneaker wedges twice in one day. Sigh.

The Huffington Post has a great slideshow of some of his other shoes that have made it to market. Enjoy!

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