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Is SneakerTalk.Com?

Written by SneakerTalk Staff, 9 years ago, 1 Comment

sn305top What Is SneakerTalk.Com?

What is SneakerTalk.com? Well, the honest answer is that we kind’ve can’t tell you just yet. But what we can say is that SneakerTalk will without a doubt become a quality destination for daily sneaker news, exclusive interviews, event coverage, dynamic content and an original perspective on the sneaker and fashion industries – all in while, talking sneakers with some of the most interesting people in the sneaker world from shop owners, designers, collectors and even the normal everyday person who loves their occasional sneaker-fix. And of course, we’ll give you daily news and links to keep you updated with all the latest sneaker releases. Plus we’ll give the fellas an occasional taste of eye candy and bless you with an MP3 song here and there.

The site is still under construction, but we can promise you that all the sections will be complete within the coming months. We’re excited to start this new venture and bring a fresh perspective to the sneaker culture and sneaker journalism as we’ve come to know it. We’re based out of sunny Miami, Florida – home of Team Jordan’s newest member, Dwayne Wade – so we’re definitely going to get it in over the next couple months. Although, we’re still putting the final touches on the site we will still update occasionally on a daily basis. And you can also look through all of our older  articles and previous stories that were done under The305.Com brand name (our sister site). You’ll always see all the latest features and top stories towards the middle of the right column. So again, feel free to keep checking back and/or subscribe to our Twitter & RSS feed to receive all the latest updates. Thanks for visiting and we hope you come again.

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  1. 3o5August 3, 2009, 2:59 pm

    The site looks great, so far so good, cant wait for more updates.